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Guys,  This short book is a great resource to help explain why the Scriptures we read today are accurate and trustworthy.

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Episode #2: Four ways God wants to encourage men

In this episode, I share four ways that God encourages me to operate at my full potential…bringing honor to him and joy to me.  These are: (1) consistently having a daily devotion, (2) learning to listen to the Holy Spirit, (3) living in a faith community, and (4) learning to use my spiritual gift.  Perhaps […]

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Episode #1: Why I’m No Longer a Lukewarm Christian

In this episode I, your host, share how God used a sequence of major life events to wake me up from a spiritual slumber.  Many men find themselves in a similar situation, and it’s my hope that this episode will help you to realize that true peace can only be found in a close, personal […]

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The worst mistake I’ve ever made

I always take advantage of the New Year holiday to look back over the past 12 months with respect to faith, family, and career and to set goals for the upcoming year. This year I’ve looked back much further with respect to my spiritual walk…and have decided to share with you the one mistake that’s […]

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Thanks for taking time to check out The Good News for Guys website. This site is focused on encouraging men to more whole-heartedly follow Christ…not an easy goal but one that is worth the effort.  God has a purpose, plan, and passion for you and your family and I’m excited about helping you in any […]

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