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Episode #6: One man’s journey into sexual sin (and his restoration)

This episode is a re-broadcast of an interview that took place during a Sunday morning service at our church, Capshaw Baptist, in Harvest, AL (http://www.capshaw.org) a few years ago.  It’s an interview conducted by our pastor, Zach Terry (http://www.zachterry.org) with our former worship leader, Brandon Watkins.  In this conversation, Brandon shares how he fell into sexual sin, the price he paid for doing so, and his road (to date) regarding his restoration.  A special thanks is in order to Pastor Zach for giving me permission to rebroadcast this interview on my podcast.

I’ve listened to this recording many times since it was first recorded.  I do so in order to remind myself that the grass isn’t greener on the other side, that guarding my heart against sexual temptation is an on-going battle that I dare not ignore.  It’s my hope that you listen closely to Brandon’s words…and heed his warnings.  And please consider sharing this episode with other men in your church.

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