HelloRobby Resume Pic (2015), I’m Robby Newton.  I started Good News For Guys for one reason…to encourage men to whole-heartedly follow Christ.

I’d like to share a little of my background with you.  I met and married my wife Anita while attending college over 32 years ago.  We have two grown children, one son-in-law, and two young grandkids, all of which are awesome (especially the grandkids).  Anita’s elderly mom has lived with us for the last three years.  We are from middle Tennessee but have lived in the Huntsville, AL area for many years.

I work for NASA as a research chemist.  I attended grad school at Vandy (PhD) and Auburn (MBA).  Anita is an accountant and works for a defense contractor.

I’ve been a member of various Southern Baptist churches all of my life but didn’t become a Christian until my early twenties.  We attend Capshaw Baptist Church in Harvest, AL (Capshaw.org).  Our pastor’s name is Zach Terry.  Over my years as a Christian, I’ve served in a variety of church-related offices, from teacher to lay pastor for a new church start.  I also served for about a decade on the national board of directors of WAY-FM, a Contemporary Christian radio ministry.

My passion is to support my wife in the care of her mom and as I mentioned above, to encourage myself and other men to whole-heartedly abandon ourselves to Christ.  These life priorities were clearly brought into focus for me a few years back by several events that occurred within a two year span.  It began with the passing of my father and father-in-law within about a year of each other.  Over the next nine months the following happened sequentially:  I experienced a major career disappointment, my wife had surgery for a brain tumor, and the following week the April 27, 2011 tornado outbreak resulted in the loss of our home and cars (approaching tornadoes really do sound like freight trains).  These events served as catalysts that helped to change my inner heart attitude from one of “entitlement” to one of “gratitude”.  I haven’t been the same since.

On a somewhat regular basis, I host a men’s fellowship and bible study in our rebuilt home.  The invitation list always includes men from my neighborhood as well as those with which I attend church.  In the warmer months I call these gatherings “Grill & Gospel” fellowships.  I listen to podcasts during my work commute.  My current play list includes: Charles Stanley, North Point Community Church, Zach Terry, The Ask Darrel Podcast, Rick Warren, and Click and Clack (Car Talk).  In my free time I like to get outside and play in God’s creation.

I’d love to speak to your men’s group, encouraging them to more fully walk with Christ.  You can reach me via email at Robby@GoodNewsForGuys.com.